Where to trade in used lens?

I’ve been looking around lately and I wanted to swap my current lenses for another used one. Buying a new one is quite expensive and to trim cost, it is better to trade in my existing lenses for another cheap used lenses. Doing this in person or through craigslist is a viable option but the downside is that the amount of choice is quite limited. There are plenty of websites that can trade in lenses online but it’s quite risky since the lenses can be damaged during transit.

To mitigate this risk, the lenses can be packed with care and handled with extra discretion. This includes using more bubble foam and bubble wrap to insulate against potential drops. Oversea delivery carry more risk since they are delivered by air. Alternatively, its possible to drive around nearby cities to see if there are sellers or other hobbyists who wants to swap the lenses. This is ideal since it will be a win-win situation with each individual able to receive what they want.

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