Is offering any promotion?

Usually I find that promo code are offered every month. I’m wondering if they are offering other types of travel or package deal. It seems Expedia or Hotwire always run many offers and they seem to be quite attractive. Several months ago, I don’t use coupons for anything and now I’m finding myself using them more and more often because plenty of coin can be saved over time.

I’ll be also looking into getting a new car and it’s too bad there aren’t any coupon for such large purchases. However, there may be certain deals or demo cars from time to time which I have to frequently monitor to make sure I’m able to claim the deal or offer before others.

When buying other items, it may be good idea to look at local classified ads or even eBay because sometimes the price can be really low. However, if the purchase is made online, one has to consider the shipping time, shipping cost as well as customs and duties. When these cost add up, the total cost may be quite staggering.

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