Creative Writing

Writing is an art. It can take plenty of time to hone the skill to pen a piece that can gain attention. Many writers love to write either personally, for business or for leisure. Different writers have different stroke and style and the same topic can be presented differently. Depending on the subject, some writers are able to pen any topic with ease while other mainly focus on what they know best or have the most experience in. Anyone can pen an article but creating a captivating and engaging piece is a different story.

Interestingly enough, great writing usually requires plenty of reading. With the broad array of vocabulary, one can fully utilize them in various ways. Although I don’t write much but a piece with appealing style can be easily and quickly noticed. In addition to which words are used, the way the point is presented also make a significant difference.

In the future, Ill be trying to improve writing quality be reading and writing more. It certainly helps to read from different authors so several perspective can be seen.

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