Monthly Archives: January 2014

Camera Accessories

Looking for some camera toys to go with my canon film camera. There are couple things to make taking pictures more fun and more exciting. One include changing the type of lenses. Today, it’s possible to switch from various brands especially between Canon and Nikon. These are the most popular types. Other brands include Pentax, […]

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Creative Writing

Writing is an art. It can take plenty of time to hone the skill to pen a piece that can gain attention. Many writers love to write either personally, for business or for leisure. Different writers have different stroke and style and the same topic can be presented differently. Depending on the subject, some writers […]

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New Year New Start

Last year hasn’t gone quite well for me. There were more mishaps than expected both personally and as well as within my relationships with friends and family. Luckily I have an understanding SO who I can turn to and vent. It eases a lot of stress and keep me in check. There are plenty of […]

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