Where to trade in used lens?

I’ve been looking around lately and I wanted to swap my current lenses for another used one. Buying a new one is quite expensive and to trim cost, it is better to trade in my existing lenses for another cheap used lenses. Doing this in person or through craigslist is a viable option but the downside is that the amount of choice is quite limited. There are plenty of websites that can trade in lenses online but it’s quite risky since the lenses can be damaged during transit.

To mitigate this risk, the lenses can be packed with care and handled with extra discretion. This includes using more bubble foam and bubble wrap to insulate against potential drops. Oversea delivery carry more risk since they are delivered by air. Alternatively, its possible to drive around nearby cities to see if there are sellers or other hobbyists who wants to swap the lenses. This is ideal since it will be a win-win situation with each individual able to receive what they want.

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Camera Accessories

Looking for some camera toys to go with my canon film camera. There are couple things to make taking pictures more fun and more exciting. One include changing the type of lenses. Today, it’s possible to switch from various brands especially between Canon and Nikon. These are the most popular types. Other brands include Pentax, Minolta, Hasselblad and among many others. Most of these lenses are either made in Japan and Germany. Some are designed in Germany and manufactured in Japan. Deciding which camera lenses that fit your needs and purpose is quite challenging but other accessories such as nd filter or camera mount might be easier since they do not require as much research and analysis. They are just¬† accessories and therefore a lot less complex.

Choosing which type of lenses to get is not quite simple especially if the purchase is made online. In a local camera shop, you can often get various suggestions and recommendations as well as other services. Although there might be options online but the decision can only made based on images. If there are issues inside the lenses or scratches on the glass inside the lenses, these cannot be seen via just images unless they are explicitly disclosed by the seller. In this case, the interested buyer will have to do a short research on the seller’s reviews and feedback. A great feedback can often instill some confidence that the lenses do not have any problem.

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Creative Writing

Writing is an art. It can take plenty of time to hone the skill to pen a piece that can gain attention. Many writers love to write either personally, for business or for leisure. Different writers have different stroke and style and the same topic can be presented differently. Depending on the subject, some writers are able to pen any topic with ease while other mainly focus on what they know best or have the most experience in. Anyone can pen an article but creating a captivating and engaging piece is a different story.

Interestingly enough, great writing usually requires plenty of reading. With the broad array of vocabulary, one can fully utilize them in various ways. Although I don’t write much but a piece with appealing style can be easily and quickly noticed. In addition to which words are used, the way the point is presented also make a significant difference.

In the future, Ill be trying to improve writing quality be reading and writing more. It certainly helps to read from different authors so several perspective can be seen.

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New Year New Start

Last year hasn’t gone quite well for me. There were more mishaps than expected both personally and as well as within my relationships with friends and family. Luckily I have an understanding SO who I can turn to and vent. It eases a lot of stress and keep me in check.

There are plenty of resolutions this year including exercising more and correcting my diet. As we continue to age, it is important to keep our health in balance. Speaking of health, I haven’t done body check for a long while. I also haven’t been sleeping well and I think this is due to my habits.

I will keep this post short and Ill save better content for future posts.

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